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    This blog gives an overview about interior designing as a career. We cover for whom this career is for, outlook on what interior design is about, and Salary and life style.

    For whom is this career for?

    Passionate about design and artistic then this career is for you. Designing the space/properties, executing those designs in live and impressing the people around you, management skills, communication skills, client satisfaction, and creativity is all you will do in interior designing career. People management is one of the most important things if you are deciding to be a freelancing interior designer.

    Outlook on what is interior design about

    Interior designing is not something new for us, we have spent our lives cleaning, arranging, and maintaining the things around us in our home. We are going to do this in a bigger level after a proper training. Creating a pleasing aesthetics for our client is all we will do in our interior designing career.

    Interior designing is not just for residential places, it includes shops, commercial office space, textile showrooms, and the whole hospitality industry like hotels, pubs, café, and lot. If you are capable of building designs for all these places then you are a specialized in interior designing and can be the best interior designer. To become the best interior designer a proper training is required and we at Colors provide you the professional guidance for interior designing with a diploma in interior designing.

    Salary and life style

     Interior designing is not a boring office job. You will have different parts of works like on site, off site, designing, planning, execution, meeting the client, marketing for new clients, and lot more. Thus your life style would be like going around few days and working at home/office for few days but definitely it is not a boring one as I said initially.

    Salary at starting will be INR 15,000 and once you start getting experience you will be paid for more than 30,000 per month in the entry level and later when you reach senior levels you will be paid more than a lakh per month. The number of people in demand for interior designing is almost 10 lakhs and it is expected to grow on an average of 20% per year.  Thus it is a right time to start your career towards Interior designing.


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